Building SPECIFIcation & preliminaries

The success of a development project will undoubtedly be determined by the preparation that takes place off-site and long before the ground is broken. Both design and build performance specifications and traditional specifications that map out the processes and activities required to deliver the project as it was designed are integral to the quality of its outcome.

Trinity Rose Chartered Surveyors produces robust project specification documentation that include preliminaries that break down every detail,  from materials to workmanship and detailed schedules of works that give our clients cost and performance certainty at every stage.

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Specifications and preliminaries that give clients cost and performance certainty

The specification of a development project is designed to determine exactly what is required to complete the scheme, so it is an important contract document. This documentation is required to predict and control all factors that will impact each stage of the construction process.

Trinity Rose Chartered Surveyors produces NBS (National Building Specification) preliminaries with materials and workmanship standards that specify the exact conditions and requirements to get the project over the line successfully. They include aspects such as subcontracting, planning approvals, workmanship and building materials as well as project risk, safety, security, timings and facilities, etc. Critically, they allow the contractor to price to include all costs associated with the project as a whole.

We work with clients on design and build and traditional construction contracts producing preliminaries, schedules of work and specifications to give them cost and performance certainty throughout the lifecycle of the project.

If you’d like the support of expert chartered surveyors with proven expertise in specifications services, please contact us.

Benefits of this service: 

  • NBS preliminaries that specify construction conditions and requirements for their execution
  • Specifications for schedule of works, materials and workmanship
  • Robust documentation for effective analysis and comparison at tender stage
  • Ensuring the contractor meets the performance requirements of the specification precisely in their proposals under a design and build contract scenario. 



How long do I need to employ a contract administrator on a project for?

The services of a contract administrator will typically begin at the scoping phase and, to get the very best from a construction project, they’ll continue beyond practical completion with the project is handed over to the client to the end of the rectification period. You can read more about our Contract Administration services here.

What does the specification document for a construction project include?

We work with clients on traditional construction projects and design and build contracts and our specifications will include preliminaries, materials and workmanship and a detailed schedule of work. These documents are very detailed and include a wealth of information – you can read more about what our Specification services involve here.

Can I use your tender services for just a part of the tender process?

Absolutely. Trinity Rose Chartered Surveyors provides expert tender services and consultancy that can include any aspect of the tender process. From writing a tender document to helping to select the most appropriate contractor for the project through post tender analysis and reporting, we can step in to support the phase you need the most help with. You can read more about our Tender Services here.

Can you help me save money on my construction project?

We will certainly try! Our specialist cost management consultants who are appointed to our clients’ projects have both construction and relevant market knowledge so they’re best placed to identify where cost savings can be made without impacting on standards of quality. You can read more about our Cost Management services here.

Why do I need an employer’s agent on my construction project?

Our Employer’s Agent services are invaluable on design and build construction projects and remove considerable pressure and uncertainty for our clients. Our specialists work closely with contractors and project teams to ensure the development progresses as it should, with all contractual, financial, and technical elements managed appropriately. We also help to mitigate risk, manage change and meet legal and other obligations. You can read more about Trinity Rose Chartered Surveyors’ Employer’s Agent services here.

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