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Surveyors in Farnham

Our friendly and knowledgeable team of chartered surveyors in Farnham offer a range of services and are here to help. Whether you are arranging a property survey, new build snagging report, limited defect report or party wall survey: we are experienced, dedicated and treat every client as a valued individual.  

Having lived and worked in Farnham for many years, we know the local area and have unrivalled understanding of the property here. We pack our jargon-free reports full of useful information to help you make informed decisions and are always on hand to answer all your questions. Pop in or get in touch to book a survey or find out more.   


Why should I consider buying a property in Farnham?

The lovely market town of Farnham has got a lot going for it. Not only is there a range of historic property, including gorgeous Georgian streets and a 12th century castle, there are all the modern amenities you could wish for.

Residents love the range of independent shops, good schools for all ages and beautiful surrounding countryside, with the comfort of knowing London is just one hour away by car or train. The monthly, award-winning farmers’ market offers fresh, local produce while the annual food festival draws foodies from near and far.

There is property for all tastes in the town, whether you are hunting for a character-filled family home or something a little more modern. When you’ve found something you’re interested in, it’s important to ask trusted local surveyors in Farnham to carry out checks to ensure there are no nasty surprises. For example, Georgian properties can be prone to leaks and damp and booking a house survey Farnham can point out potential issues such as these before you commit.  

HomeBuyers Survey Farnham

You probably know it’s important to get a house survey completed before you buy a property. However, you may not know that there are different kinds of surveys suitable for different properties. They cost different amounts, go into different levels of detail and we can help you decide which is the most appropriate.  

As a guide, if the building is less than 100 years old, has not been significantly altered and you aren’t planning any major changes, a RICS Level 2 Survey is likely to be a sensible choice. It will uncover any serious problems but won’t look at structural details. 

This HomeBuyer Report (Survey) details information about the condition of the property. We will highlight serious or urgent problems that may impact on the property’s value, require expensive repairs or specialist attention. We use plain English, with a ‘traffic light’ condition rating system to ensure the report is informative but easy to understand. This report includes:

·       background information on the property and setting

·       a review of any timber/damp issues

·       a review of drainage and insulation

·       assessment of the key building elements


We also offer this kind of survey with a market valuation and rebuild cost: HomeBuyer Report (Survey and Valuation). It includes everything above, plus useful valuations which can be very helpful when buying a property.

If this sounds exactly what you’re looking for and you’re ready to book a house survey in Farnham, get in touch with the team, today.

Building Survey Report Farnham

If you think you need something a little more in-depth, you might like to consider a RICS Level 3 Building Survey. This is a good choice for properties that are older than 100 years, have been built unconventionally or from unconventional materials, or you’re planning major alterations.

These reports are commonly known as Structural Surveys and our experienced surveyors Farnham are skilled in carrying out these in-depth investigations to put your mind at rest. 

A Building Survey Report in Farnham with Trinity Rose includes:

·       a description of all visible defects

·       photographs to illustrate our findings

·       a description of any serious problems and potentially dangerous conditions such as woodworm, dampness, subsidence and structural movement

·       details about any potential problems caused by hidden flaws

·       an outline of repair options

·       information on what might happen if you don’t follow the recommended actions

Home Condition Report Farnham

At the other end of the scale in terms of surveys: we offer the Level 1 Survey or Home Condition Report in Farnham. If the property is newer and you don’t anticipate any issues, this could be the best, least expensive option. 

We will investigate the property and compile a simple overview, complete with traffic light rating system. You will learn important information about the building and confidently continue with or reassess your purchase.


Limited Defect Report Farnham

Although chartered surveyors are best known for full house surveys, we also offer other services to our valued clients. Sometimes, we are approached to investigate one or two individual property issues and put together Limited Defect Reports.

These reports investigate specific issues such as cracks in walls, patches of damp, uneven roofs, and even infestations. We can assess the severity of the situation and offer advice on best next steps. Clients use these reports for their own properties or places they’re considering, in order to decide if action is needed.


Party Wall Surveying Farnham

Another service we offer is Party Wall Surveying. Our chartered surveyors in Farnham are skilled in The Party Wall Etc. Act 1996 which comes into play when there are disputes about works at property borders.

If you or your neighbour are planning something at your shared border, you may not see eye-to-eye. To prevent the situation escalating, it can be helpful to seek impartial, professional advice to settle disagreements.

Our reports can help clear the air and either halt unlawful building or allow for works to continue, encouraging a harmonious relationship on both sides of the garden fence.

Get in touch

If you are ready to book a House Survey in Farnham, or simply need some advice, get in touch. We will be happy to discuss our services, help you choose the most appropriate survey and answer all your questions. Our friendly, professional team are here to help.


Trinity House, 123 Winchester Road, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire SO53 2DR

t: 01962 880426

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Trinity House, 123 Winchester Road, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire SO53 2DR

t: 01962 880426