Employers Agent

An Employer’s Agent is the term used to describe a contract administrator who acts on behalf of the client in design and build contracts on behalf of the employer. Their key role is to represent the client, exercising their powers and functions and to protect their client’s interests pre- and post-contract.

Trinity Rose Chartered Surveyors’ Employer’s Agents help drive performance through the construction programme. Typically, our involvement begins pre-contract during the tender process and continues throughout, keeping a watchful eye on contract documentation provisions, such as collateral warranties, insurances, change management and issuing instructions and variations.

We work closely with clients and contractors on a range of associated tasks, including reviewing information, reapportioning risk, certifying payments and dealing with complaints. As the project concludes, our Employer’s Agents are there to manage project handover and post-contract defects, certifying practical completion and agreeing the final account.

To find out more about our Employers Agent, call 01962 880426.

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