Do I need a house survey?

If you are buying a house there’s a long, sometimes challenging checklist of things to do. From house hunting and mortgage arrangements to getting time off work and ordering packing boxes: it can feel like a lot to handle.

However, one thing that should be highlighted as a priority on that list is getting a house survey by a trusted, independent surveyor. For a fraction of the house price and minimal admin, the report you receive will reveal any secrets the property may be hiding and give invaluable confidence as you proceed.

Is it worth getting a survey when buying a house?

If you buy a house without getting a survey you are investing in the unknown. Even the most solid-looking structure can hide nasty secrets and it’s definitely worth finding out about them before you commit. If you discover something during a survey you are in a strong position to ask for a price review or request works are carried out before you move in. At the very least you will know what to expect once you get the keys.

There are different types of house survey designed for different kinds of property, so you can choose an appropriately priced survey for your needs. Even the most thorough and expensive survey will only be a fraction of the property price and worth every penny for your peace of mind.

Can I buy a house without a survey?

Legally, you can buy a house without getting a survey. However, it is prudent to ask a professional, independent surveyor to search for significant defects and give a clear understanding of repair and maintenance works that may be required.

Will my mortgage lender get a survey for me?

Your mortgage lender may carry out a valuation but you should not treat this as an independent survey. Your lender is only checking to make sure they will be able to recoup sufficient money if you fail to meet payments: they often don’t even visit the property.

What do they look for in a house survey?

Your surveyor will check for a range of defects, risks and potential problems and may offer advice on best next steps. There are different types of house survey which are appropriate for different kinds/ages of property, and where costs vary according to complexity.

A basic RICS Level 1 Home Condition Report looks at:

  • The property’s condition
  • Risks
  • Potential legal issues
  • Urgent defects

A RICS Level 2 Homebuyers Report covers the above plus:

  • Review of timber/damp issues
  • Drainage
  • Insulation
  • Japanese knotweed
  • Option to include a valuation

The most comprehensive survey option is a Level 3: Building Survey

(commonly called a Structural Survey). It includes everything from the other surveys plus:

  • Repair options
  • Advice on what may happen if you don’t carry out repairs

Whichever of these types of house survey you choose, your report will be presented in jargon-free English with traffic light rating systems.

When should I arrange my house survey?

If you’re buying a house, a good rule of thumb is to arrange a house survey once your lender has agreed a mortgage in principle.

How do I arrange a buying a house survey?

Local, Chartered Surveyors will be able to offer expert advice and help you arrange a survey. Choosing a qualified surveyor is important and it is always a good idea to research your options. At Trinity Rose, our approachable team have years of experience and will be delighted to answer all your questions.

We can help you choose the most appropriate survey for your property and guide you through the whole process. Please have a look at our testimonials to see some of the fantastic feedback our customers have left us. Once you get in touch, we can book your survey for a convenient time to you and the vendor.

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