B is for Building Survey #PropertyAtoZ

B is for Building Survey, which is a detailed Building Surveyor’s report on a property to assess the structural integrity of a building and its state of repair. It is referred to as a Level 3’ home survey.

What is a building survey report?

Typically, this report will cover the condition of the structure, any defects to the fabric of the building and the state of repair of fixtures and fittings, services and plant installations. A building survey may sometimes be required by a lender before agreeing to a loan that’s secured against the value of the property in question.

How long does a building survey take?

The time it takes to conduct a building survey varies property-to-property. However, a Level 3 Building Survey will take longer than other options because of the depth of the investigation. Your report will contain more information and greater detail, requiring longer at the property and on the following write-up.

Please get in touch and our team will be able to advise you more accurately how long a survey will take for a particular property.

What does a RICS building survey cover?

Your experienced surveyor will look for lots of things when they carry out a RICS building survey. From obvious issues such as large cracks in the wall, to damp and timber issues, Japanese knotweed and potential legal issues: your surveyor will cast an expert eye over the property and find any problems it’s worth knowing about.

There are less comprehensive surveys available, which are fine for new-builds and uncomplicated properties, but a Level 3 Building Survey includes:

  • the property’s condition
  • subsidence
  • structural movement
  • timber defects
  • Japanese Knotweed
  • dampness (rising and penetrating)
  • drainage
  • insulation/energy efficiency
  • potential legal issues
  • urgent defects
  • repair options
  • advice on what may happen if you don’t carry out repairs
  • option to include a valuation
  • photographs of findings

When should you get a building survey done?

It’s important to get a house survey completed when you buy a property, before you exchange contracts. This ensures you know exactly what you’re buying and any potential issues can be rectified/compensated for by the vendor. It is possible that your mortgage lender will also request a survey is carried out before they agree to advance funds.

A Level 3 Building Survey is a good choice for old, large, heavily modified, unusually built properties, and those you are considering amending yourself. If you’re not sure what kind of survey is right for a particular property, our knowledgeable team will be happy to offer guidance.

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Purchasing property can often feel complicated and stressful with so many things to consider and arrange. Booking a RICS building survey is a great way to ease concerns and boost confidence in the purchase as a whole, helping you near your goal of completion.

If you’re planning on buying a property and would like help with a building survey, we’re here to help. Our Chartered Surveyors have years’ of experience conducting surveys and can put your mind at ease as you move forward with your property purchase. Please get in touch to find out more.

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