A lease plan is a drawing of buildings and land referred to in a lease document.

Such drawings are required when registering a lease or property with the Land Registry, and must include detailed floor plans and a location plan showing the area being transferred, any areas that are shared in common with others, and rights of way that have been granted.

Trinity Rose Architecture’s in-house team creates professional Land Registry compliant lease plans for residential and commercial property landlords, freeholders and businesses and we work closely with them throughout the process. We also work with solicitors on complex cases, such as lease plans involving multiple titles and with the buyers’ seller if required.

We’re licensed by the Ordnance Survey to produce lease plans and conveyance plans that are required for lease documents, land transfers and land registration purposes and they typically begin with a measured survey to ensure the finished floor plans are completely accurate.

Our measured surveys are carried out by experienced professionals who all have considerable experience in building and site surveying.

Following a measured survey, we draft the lease plans for consultation and, when approved, the final copy is passed to a solicitor to complete the Land Registry process.

If you require a lease plan for a residential or commercial property and would like the support of lease plan experts to support you through the process, please get in touch.

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Mixed Use Shop and Upper Floors, Winchester

Acting for the freeholder, we produced multiple lease plans covering a series of new leases for the ground floor and basement retail unit, and upper floor office suites.

Given the complexity of the lease obligations in respect of repairs and upkeep, we worked closely with the legal team drafting the leases to ensure that our drawings coordinated accurately with the written lease documentation.

Private Landowners
Land and Fishing Rights, Hampshire

This was an interesting instruction that involved an equitable transaction between two neighbouring owners, including the granting of fishing rights.

Our drawings included land and property, and required careful plotting of boundary lines from fixed reference points, to establish the correct positions of the land being transferred.

Again, this required our team to work in close communication with the legal professionals representing the two parties.

Land Registry Plan

Acting upon the instructions of solicitors representing the vendor, we were engaged to prepare drawings to support the transfer of a parcel of land by sale between two adjoining landowners.

This required attendance at site to take detailed measurements, and transferring this to an Ordnance Survey plan marked up in accordance with the wording of the transfer document.

Plans were prepared in respect of each landowner to reflect the necessary amendments required to the Title Plans held at Land Registry.


We are proud to work with a number of the leading house builders in the UK and our local region.

We are a technical consultancy specialising in volume housebuilding projects for national and regional developer clients

Providing accurate records of existing buildings for a variety of uses, and crossing different property sectors.

Advising clients across sectors to maximise the planning potential of their project.

We devise all-embracing feasibility packages before the scheme goes to the planning application stage to ensure the developer has a full understanding.

Our skilled team enable design concepts to be realised, whilst maintaining compliance with regulations and relevant construction standards.

At Trinity Rose, we offer our developer clients a suite of professional services that perfectly complement our architectural services offering.

We pride ourselves on preparing accurate, Land Registry compliant drawings that can be relied upon in legal property transfers and transactions.