When you’re in the early stages of a development project, a feasibility study will determine the viability of your proposed scheme and establish its development potential before it proceeds to planning application stage.

Trinity Rose Architectural and Chartered Surveyors teams work with developers at design stage to give them an informed assessment of the development potential scope of works and an understanding of the level of investment required to carry the project through to completion.

If you’d like the support of RICS-qualified chartered surveyors and skilled architectural consultants with expertise in building and development projects, we’d love the opportunity to work with you.

Feasibility study services that explore and evaluate the viability of a development project

Trinity Rose Chartered Surveyors has a wealth of experience gained from working with property developers to evaluate all the key aspects of their prospective projects. We devise all-embracing feasibility packages before the scheme goes to planning application stage to ensure the developer has a full understanding of the design opportunities, planning constraints on a local and national basis, legal and cost implications of their proposed development.

How we do a feasibility study?

We conduct comprehensive Red Book valuations and development appraisals, exploring local site history and planning policies, producing a preliminary cost assessment and a detailed report that will represent a true picture of the viability of the development and a robust starting point should the scheme proceed.

If you’re considering embarking on a new development project, contact Trinity Rose Architecture so we can ensure you can make the most informed decision possible on the design and financial viability of your scheme.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly on 02382 002500.


What does a feasibility study cover?

Our feasibility studies are tailored to individual development needs, but will usually cover development layout and use, design, approximate building cost, legal and tax implications and a raft of planning requirements and strategies. You can read more about feasibility studies and services here.

How do I obtain planning permission on a listed building renovation?

We have a wealth of experience in buildings of historic significance, including listed properties. Our specialists can support you through the process to create a proposal that is devised to achieve the required planning permission and listed building consent. You can read more about Trinity Rose Architecture’s design and planning services here.

What do detailed designs for a new development include?

Detailed design drawing packages contain an extraordinary amount of information; in summary they should include dimensioned layouts, elevations & sections, schedules, schedules, structural elements, building services and large scale construction/junction details as well as fire and safety strategies. If you’d like to find out more about Trinity Rose Architecture’s detailed design services and what is entailed, you can read about it here.

What is a lease plan?

A lease plan is a scale drawing of the buildings and associated land described in a lease. It will show areas that are shared with others and rights of way that have been granted. The lease plan must also illustrate the location of the property and have key content in order for it to be accepted by the Land Registry. You can find out more about Trinity Rose Architecture’s lease plan services here.

What do measured building surveys include?

Trinity Rose Architecture can carry out measured building surveys and our product typically include internal floor plans, internal and external elevations, building cross sections and, if required fixtures and fittings and service positions. You can read more about our measured survey services here.

We are a technical consultancy specialising in volume housebuilding projects for national and regional developer clients

Providing accurate records of existing buildings for a variety of uses, and crossing different property sectors.

Advising clients across sectors to maximise the planning potential of their project.

We devise all-embracing feasibility packages before the scheme goes to the planning application stage to ensure the developer has a full understanding.

Our skilled team enable design concepts to be realised, whilst maintaining compliance with regulations and relevant construction standards.

At Trinity Rose, we offer our developer clients a suite of professional services that perfectly complement our architectural services offering.

We pride ourselves on preparing accurate, Land Registry compliant drawings that can be relied upon in legal property transfers and transactions.